Exploring a common agenda to improve partnership working

The following universities have expressed an interest in working with the Centre for Partnership Group and exploring a common agenda to improve partnership working.

  • Cardiff University Business School

  • Manchester Metropolitan University (Policy Evaluation and Research)

  • Newcastle Business School, University of Northumbria

  • Oxford University (Blavatnik¬†School of Government)

  • Stirling University (Social Sciences)

The university members of the network are committed to contributing to the Centre for Partnering as a centre for excellence into research, development and implementation of innovative approaches to partnership working. The Centre for Partnering Group will become a network of individuals and organisations which attracts partnerships between:

  • A diverse range of academic institutions across the UK and internationally;

  • Public sector organisations and think tanks which share the objectives of the Centre for Partnering.

  • Private and third sector organisations committed to innovation in partnership working.

It is also a commitment to establish an Advisory Group of individuals with a variety of different professional skills to support the research activities into partnership working.