Committed to promoting the value of partnering

Complex & interconnected challenges require new forms of partnership & collaboration.

Global societies are faced with a range of significant challenges such as inequality, ageing populations, homelessness, poverty, health, social care, climate change.

These are often complex and interconnected challenges that require new forms of partnership and collaboration across governments at all levels, businesses and civil society. The way that governments, businesses and wider society interrelate at local, national and international level can determine the success or failure of economies and the health, wellbeing and quality of life of communities.

The need for innovative and strategic approaches to partnership working has never been greater and the new Centre for Partnering is committed to promoting the value of partnering in organisations, the economy and in wider society, in the UK and internationally.

This will include working to adapt strategy, culture and relationships in the following spheres:

  • government, public services and local government

  • private enterprises

  • third sector

  • social and community enterprises and the third sector

In more detailed terms the scope will include:

  • the future of public private partnerships established to promote public objectives (ie delivery of services, social infrastructure etc)

  • the future of commissioning, procurement – including impact of Brexit and the impact on future generations and the environmental sustainability

  • place-based community services which provide integrated and seamless services to citizens/users

  • sustainable business models in the collaborative economy

  • knowledge exchange between universities, government, public services and the economy

It will pursue these objectives through:

  • research

  • training

  • strategic advice

  • policy development

  • information, networking and developmental services to member bodies (including public, private and community organisations)

  • an international network of universities, research expertise and knowledge exchange centres

  • working with governments across the UK

  • working with local and city governments and national local government organisations

  • working with private organisations

The need for innovative and strategic approaches to partnership working has never been greater.

Learning from the partnering of public and private sector.

A major role of the Centre for Partnering Group will focus upon the translation and the communication of the learning experiences gained from the partnering of public sectors and the private sector. It will particularly address matters of culture and the impact of the procurement framework. The centre will identify key areas of research and scope potential beneficiaries and funders.

The Centre will draw upon the experiences of the public sector seeking to make itself more commercial and the private sector making itself more public orientated. A key interest is how the market can strengthen and support the public sector rather than replace or compete with it.


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